The host and hostess of the Metsakuurort recreation center.


Who are we?

Kalju is already well-known as a dowser to many and is actively involved in providing healing and counseling to people on a daily basis. Additionally, he deals with energy cleansing and conducts various training sessions both at Metsakuurort and at the office located in Tallinn. Ulvi is sales manager in a wholesale warehouse, but during every free moment, she is an active hostess at Metsakuurort. With care and love, she makes various homemade preserves, interesting and healthy juices, syrups, and beneficial teas.



How did we find this place and what do we offer to our guests?

We had a dream to find a place where we could simply be amidst nature, enjoy, and disconnect from the daily routine. We found this piece of land in Pahkla, Rapla County, spanning approximately 18 hectares, with about 5 hectares requiring daily upkeep. Initially, it was just overgrowth and marshland, and locals referred to it as a jungle, and they thought anyone wanting to build here was crazy. However, this didn’t stop us, and now it has transformed into a cozy and unique recreation center. We offer accommodation in various log cabins, a relaxing Russian sauna, a  shungite barrel with healing properties, and a heated tub tub. Additionally, visitors can stay overnight and host events in the teepee, the Indian tent, with any season or weather!


Metsakuurort’s animal park

The beloved spot for visitors of all ages at Forest Resort is the animal park, home to charming Scottish Highland cattle Tipi and Täpi, the black pig Ruudi, goats, rams, miniature goats, dwarf sheep, and fluffy angora rabbits. In the aviary, eye-catching and delightful inhabitants include peafowls, parrots, ducks, and golden pheasants. Without a doubt, we look forward to welcoming more adorable additions in the future!



Various events at Metsakuurort

Metsakuurort’s recreation center is also a place that helps to heal both the physical body and the soul while healing the mind. This year encourages engagement with spiritual knowledge, so the theme at Metsakuurort is ‘Personal Growth through the Inner World.’ We provide opportunities to host various events on such topics in our powerful countryside location. If you have a dream to organize educational seminars, meetings, camps, workshops, birthdays, reunions, corporate parties, weddings, or other events, you are welcome to do so at Metsakuurort!



See you at Metsakuurort Recreation Center!

Metsakuurorti peremees ja peendlimees Kalju Paldis ja perenaine Ulvi Valtna
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