House rules



Check-in starts from 15:00, and check-out is at 12:00 (late check-out is possible upon agreement).



  1. Please hand over the vacation house in the same tidy condition as it was before use. Wash all used dishes, pots, and pans.
  2. Please refrain from wearing outdoor shoes inside the vacation house.
  3. Do not throw anything into the sink or toilet that may cause blockage.
  4. Refrain from littering the vacation house territory (bottles, cigarette butts, etc.). Dispose of your waste in the designated trash bins provided by the host.
  5. Treat the provided facilities, furniture, and utensils with care and use them according to their intended purpose. The host reserves the right to demand a fine for any rule violations. The guest is responsible for the actions of all accompanying individuals. If any member of the group causes damage to the property, the guest will be held accountable.
  6. Pets are allowed on the premises with prior agreement, provided that the guest takes full responsibility for cleaning up after the pet and any damage caused. Pets are not allowed on soft furniture (e.g., sofa, bed).
  7. The number of guests staying in the vacation house must not exceed the agreed-upon number during the reservation.
  8. Without prior agreement, parking trailers, camper vans, and tents on the property is prohibited.
  9. There is a pond on the premises without barriers, and the guest assumes responsibility for using it safely. Diving into the pond is prohibited. Swimming under the influence of alcohol is not allowed.
  10. Using unsuitable places for personal needs is prohibited.
  11. Any incidents of being out of control, vandalism, non-compliance with rules, or similar behavior gives the host representative the right to terminate the event immediately (without any refunds).
  12. Outdoor quiet hours are from 00:00 to 8:00 to avoid disturbing other guests. If both vacation houses are booked by the same group, outdoor activities can be extended with prior agreement (no loud noises, music, etc., are allowed).



  1. Smoking is NOT ALLOWED inside the vacation house! Smoking is only permitted on the terrace and outdoor areas.
  2. Burning packages or other waste in the fireplace is prohibited.
  3. Do not leave burning candles unattended in the vacation house (only use candles in glass containers provided on-site).
  4. When using the grill, ensure constant supervision, and let the coals completely burn out or extinguish them with water after use.
  5. Making a campfire is only allowed in designated areas and with prior agreement. Ensure continuous supervision during the fire, and let the fire completely burn out or extinguish it with water after use. Do not throw packages, bottles, foil, or any other waste into the fire.
  6. The use of fireworks or any other pyrotechnics on the recreation center premises is prohibited.
  7. In case of a fire, immediately inform the emergency services at 112 and notify the host at +372 55589598.
  8. If you cannot extinguish the fire yourself, close windows, leave the room, close the door, and proceed to the nearest exit.



  1. Using a sauna whisk (vihtlemine) is allowed.
  2. Do not use oils, honey, salts, or any other body care products in the sauna.
  3. Use only hot water for sauna steam (adding oils or other substances to the water is prohibited).
  4. Please bring your own towel.
  5. Before departure, ensure you have taken all your personal belongings with you.



  1. Children can use the hot tub sauna only under adult supervision.
  2. Jumping into the water and using the hot tub sauna while under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.



  1. Arrange the key handover at the agreed-upon time.
  2. Honor all prepaid reservations.



We would appreciate it if you conduct yourselves responsibly and adhere to the house rules while on the premises of Metsakuurort Recreation Center.

For booking, please call or write to us!