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♦ At Metsakuurort, we offer a perfect setting for organizing birthdays, summer days, gatherings, seminars, trainings, weddings, and both indoor and outdoor events ♦



♦ We arrange guided tours and lectures by Kalju Paldiski upon prior arrangement ♦


Explore the attractions of Raplamaa, discover the primeval nature of Metsakuurort, visit our animal park and birdhouses, and enjoy a lecture by Kalju Paldiski on a pre-agreed topic.



♦ For groups, Metsakuurort provides therapeutic essential oil workshops ♦


Two workshops are available:


Home Pharmacy with Essential Oils

Discover how essential oils support our physical well-being, especially as we approach spring. In addition to discussing essential oils that are essential for the home pharmacy, we’ll cover current topics like allergies, insects, the beach season, and the increasingly prominent sun.


Create Your Own Perfume, Home Fragrance, or Body Scrub

Choose what resonates with you and create a unique and one-of-a-kind scent or fragrant body scrub. You can also take some of your creations home to add to your cream, pillowcase, shampoo, or hair conditioner. Each bottle will be infused with good words and wishes.

  • Learn about emotionally supportive essential oils
  • Discover which magical essential oils can help alleviate anxiety, stress, or emotional pain, and which ones can enhance focus, create joy, increase feelings of love and passion, boost vitality, and enhance motivation



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