Metsakuurorti puhkekeskus Raplamaal

We are located in a naturally beautiful and magical setting in Raplamaa. Approximately a 40-minute drive from Tallinn.

Recreation Centre Metsakuurort in primeval nature in Raplamaa. We offer accommodation in log cabins, a relaxing Russian sauna, a heated hot tub, and a rejuvenating shungite barrel. Additionally, we provide camping options, caravan stays, and a campfire site for hosting various events and gatherings. Different occasions and events can also be organized in our new Vägeva teepee tent or you can stay for night.


Metsakuurort is also home to an animal park and a birdhouse. The animal park features Scottish Highland cattle, Dutch dwarf goats, dwarf sheeps, rams, goats, black pig, and rabbit. The birdhouse is home to delightful and captivating species such as ring-necked doves, golden pheasants, and duck.


This is a place in primeval nature where you can come to relax with your partner, family, or friends, whether it’s for a few hours, a day, or even longer!

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    Privaatne maja terrassiga

    Mummila house

    Mummila Private House accommodates 6 people, making it ideal for families or smaller groups of friends. House has private spacious terrace and outdoor area, where you can barbecue and simply enjoy your time.

    Kunksmoori maja kahele

    Kunksmoor ja Kapten Trumm house

    Private House for Two for a Romantic Getaway! The house has a large terrace overlooking the pond and forests. Here, you can enjoy peace and tranquility while admiring nature.

    Vene saun

    Sauna Juss sauna house with Russian sauna

    In the Russian sauna, you can forget everything else and simply be, enjoying the moment.

    Customers refer to our Russian sauna as the “Time Out Sauna.”

    Metsakuurorti püstkoda

    Vägeva teepee tent

    Teepee is perfect for hosting various events. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, gathering with friends, or any special occasion, this space is ideal. You can also spend the night in the teepee; it’s perfect for a romantic getaway for couples or a fun vacation for families or groups of friends.

    Armsad kitsed

    Animal park

    In Metsakuurort’s animal park, you can see Scottish Highland cattle, rams, sheeps, goats, rabbit, and black pig. In the birdhouse lives duck, fantail pigeons, and golden pheasants.

    Kümblustünni rent (tünnisaun) looduses

    Arabella heated hot tub

    Our heated hot tub, located inside a real boat, provides a delightful space for relaxation and enjoyment with your partner, family, or friends. This unique hot tub can accommodate 7-10 people.

    “If you’ve been searching for a magical place and accommodation to rest your body and heal your soul, to listen to the whispers of trees and the sounds of nature along ancient forest paths, then you have found the right place. Here, you can connect with nature and momentarily forget all the everyday worries.”



    Host Kalju Paldis

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